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7 charm of Auberge Uchiko


Enjoying French cuisine
in the light of Japanese candles

You may enjoy the resort-like and light-tasted French meal made with local ingredients of Uchiko in the light of Japanese candles.


All rooms are separate and decorated
with Washi, Japanese papers

ooms are decorated with washi (Japanese papers) and constructed with a spacious design imitating the "transparent" character of traditional architecture in Uchiko. The atmosphere of the room changes as sunlight passing through washi in the morning, ..........


Resetting yourself to the
"Uchiko time"

Located on a hill overlooking Uchiko, the hotel is surrounded by seasonal woods and flowers. All you can hear is the birds singing. In spring, there are 100 double cherry blossoms trees in full blossom. Feeling the nature with your five senses and dedicating yourself to her, you shall restore the natural rhythm of your mind and body.


Luxurious hot spring bath with
continuous water flow from source

We take pride in our weak alkaline hot spring water, which has a pH of over 10. You may enjoy a full view of Uchiko in an outdoor bath, which turns into a hanami (flowers viewing) bath of cherry blossoms in spring.
Luxurious hot spring bath with continuous water flow from source


Walking around the nostalgic streets

The old streets of Uchiko remind you of your hometown and those familiar old memories. People are still leading an ordinary life; and schoolchildren, who are on their way to and getting off from school, greet you cheerfully as you walk in the morning and evening.


Experience the kindness
of the people of Uchiko

Experience the simplicity and the warmth of the people of Uchiko. The friendly Uchiko words. The pure personality. The relaxing "Uchiko time". You may spend a peaceful and relaxing time with the people of Uchiko.


Reviving the Japanese spirit
by Haiku, Japanese poems

You can thoroughly enjoy the world of haiku (Japanese poems) written by Kyoko Kuroda, the haiku poet famous for her poems about cherry blossoms. Various unique seasonal haikus about Uchiko are written down in each room; and those poems written at different temples during her Shikoku Pilgrimage are marked down on 88 andons (traditional Japanese lamps). The lamps with haikus are lighted up as dusk falls. Shall we spend some moments recalling the remote past and halcyon days of Japan?

Maps and Transportation

  • Auberge Uchiko
  • 〒 795-0301
  • 485-2 Ikazakiotsu, Uchiko-cho, Kita-gun, Ehime Prefecture, Japan
  • TEL : (+81)-893-44-6565

Access Guide

From Osaka

  • Kansai International Airport by airplaneabout 50 minutes
  • Matsuyama Airport

From Fukuoka

  • Fukuoka Airportby airplaneabout 40 minutes
  • Matsuyama Airport

From Matsuyama Airport

  • Matsuyama Airportlimousine busA 15-minute
  • Matsuyama Stationby train25 minutes
  • Uchiko Stationby taxi5 minutes
  • Auberge Uchiko
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